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September Long Weekend Safety

It's sad to say that it appears summer is coming to an end for another year. Leaves are changing color, it's getting colder, and the Labor Day long weekend is fast approaching.

If you are planning on going camping for one last "hurrah!" this weekend, remember to know before you go! A couple quick clicks on the internet can go a long way.

Wanting a fire? Check the fire bans:

Have a smart phone? There's an App for that:

1. Alberta Fire Bans App

2. Alberta Wildfire App

Wanting to avoid that standstill from road construction?

There is also the Alberta 511 map app so you can see this wherever you are with service!

Hauling a camper?

Make sure to do a thorough inspection of your trailer prior to leaving your home.There should be a safety checklist in the manufacturer manual that came with the camper; however, this website offers a great checklist for many camper related things:

Going hiking?

It's extremely important to check local listings prior to hiking to see if there are avalanche / rock slide dangers, trail closures, and wildlife sightings. If you are travelling into a National or Provincial Park, check their webpage to stay up-to-date with trail information.

Remember when hiking, especially with children, you are going to encounter a variety of things, from animals, to berries, and even many types of mushrooms. Ensure the conversation is had. "if you don't know what it is, don't put it in your mouth".

Just for fun

For some fun for the whole family, check out the link for animal identification

For more information on safety tips, contact or call 780-812-5215

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