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Marijuana Legislation - Are you ready?

Everyone is talking about it, do you know how this is going to affect your business?

It is important to ensure that your Alcohol and Drug Program is aligned with the updated COAA Canadian Model for Alcohol and Drug Testing in the Workplace Version 6.0. This identifies what the procedures are for testing, and what the acceptable limits are.

It is also important to identify how your business plans on handling the legalization of medicinal marijuana by identifying what jobs and tasks are safety sensitive, and which are not. This needs to tie into your alcohol and drug program now.

It is going to be extremely important for employers to understand their duty to accommodate, and what the contingency plan is if a worker comes forward that they are a recreational marijuana user; or, if they have a prescription.

And what about your clients? What do their policies say? Are they remaining zero tolerance? Are they changing the way the test? Does this affect your business monetarily? A lab based test is more expensive than a point of collection test (POCT). These are all factors that need to be considered by business owners and shareholders to ensure the business remains profitable; but still in compliance with current legislation and industry recognized practices.

If you and your organization have not thought about the new legislation changes and what they mean for your business, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help.

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