Areas of Expertise

 Oh the beloved safety person... 

How do you choose the right one for your business? 

There are many of us out there, so make sure that you get one who has the right industry knowledge to help your business succeed. 

We have all made fun of the safety person before (see the meme), and that happens when that safety person really does have no idea how to do the work performed by the business, which can put strain on the safety person, the workers and the organization.


A good safety program starts with the right safety person. 


See below for what 100% Safety Inc. specializes in. 

Abrasive Blasting & Coating

Alex started out in the abrasive blasting & coating industry when she was 18.

Starting out as a brush painter, she eventually started abrasive blasting and spray coating. When she was 21 she was the foreman on a pipeline job, where she began to develop her knack for safety.


When she was 22 she became the HSE manager for an abrasive blasting and coating company.

Alex has extensive knowledge of different abrasives, coatings, the equipment, different tank types, and the client specific requirements related to abrasive blasting and coating. 

When it comes to blasting and coating safety, her knowledge is unmatched.


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